What’s the Difference between Metal and Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Are you having filling in your teeth that is metallic or it has the colour that is matching you teeth? Everyone has a question about the filling and they have the ambiguity about that. And that’s really a good question people have in their minds.

Before performing any filling the dentisT cleans the teeth and removes the decay. After cleaning the teeth properly the doctor fills the teeth with the filling material. Doctors try hard to do the filling that can last long from 5 years to 50 year. The point is when a filling is lasting for so many years then it is also important to have information that with which material that filling is made up of. At least a person must know that what kind of treatment he or she is having and which kind of filling they are having or going to have.

Two Types of Fillings:

Basically, there are two types of fillings that are readily available for the teeth treatment, they are silver amalgam fillings and the tooth- colored composite filling. Both the fillings have their some benefits and some drawbacks which must be kept in mind.

Silver Amalgam Fillings and their longevity

Silver Amalgam Fillings are mostly done after proper scaling of teeth. That is why they last longer than any other filling. Even you don’t have to be much careful while brushing and eating. You can brush the way you want and you can eat anything you want without feeling pain.

Easily fitted into the teeth

The silver amalgam filling can fitted into the tooth where already other filling has been done but after cleaning the tooth only then. The filling is lasting because it is done after the removal of rotten and tooth with cavity. It cleans the area and then is placed for last long. If the tooth is wet or dry in both the cases the dentist will place the silver amalgam filling.

Tooth and Amalgam fillings:

The individuals who want to have silver amalgam fillings must know that when they will opt to have this more tooth will be removed to clean the cavity to make a proper place for silver amalgam filling.

Silver Amalgam Filling and your natural teeth

Mostly people have silver amalgam filling in the molars and pre molars because silver doesn’t allow the germs to penetrate inside the teeth of gums. Obviously it is not the part of the teeth which may result in unnecessary expansion or contraction of the filling. Mostly the silver amalgam fillings never create any hazard to the health of the teeth. Sometime this filling doesn’t suits few people and they take it out with the help of constant hammering of toothpick on the tooth. That is why consulting the dentist is very important on a regular basis if one is feeling too much pain.

Some metal fillings have mercury any good reason to worry about?

You should not worry about the mercury that is present in silver amalgam filling, because mercury is usually washed away during the filling process. It is the safest filling.

Tooth coloured composite fillings:

On the other hand we can discuss the benefits of tooth coloured composite filling is kind of natural.

It looks natural:

The tooth coloured composite fillings give you a natural look the way your teeth is. Mostly this filling is used in front teeth as you need to speak and smile. The dentists do not have to crush the teeth more to have this filling. They can file the teeth and repair the damaged teeth.


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