Dental Erosion and What it is

For many of us, we don’t even think about how the foods that we eat affect our teeth. For example, as a child, you probably just ate whatever it was that you wanted, and you didn’t think too much on how it could affect everything. You might not even do this for a while, until it starts to affect how sensitive your teeth are, such as in terms of hot and cold substances, and some foods might cause the feeling to become really bad. For example, if you like lemons, have them a lot when you’re young, it can actually cause the enamel to erode, and it will cause discoloration and remove teeth glossiness.

However, the same thing happens if you eat other overly citrus fruits that are out there, such as oranges, limes, and even grapefruits. This is because of how acidic they are, and typically, if you have these, include water to wash away the citric acid that will remain on teeth.

If you like pickles, cranberries, tomato products such as hot sauce, ketchup, pasta sauce, and salsa, coffee, and wine, you probably will start to notice that you will have more dental sensitivity. This is because of dental erosion, and often, this is because these are highly acidic foods.

This also is the same with candies and various carb-rich foods. These will get on the teeth, and since they are sugary, the bacteria will eat at the enamel. As a child, they might not notice that this is harming the teeth, but as an adult, this can be a huge part of it, and it can be a means to produce cavities, and this is still a huge part of dental erosion as well.

Now, dental erosion is pretty simple to understand and it’s important that you know about this so that you can do something about it. Simply put, it’s when you have foods and drinks that are super acidic, and since they are acidic, they will wipe away the enamel of the teeth, becoming discolored, breakable, and they are super vulnerable to the breaking and chips. It also will demineralize the teeth, which is why they are sensitive to these hot and cold foods. You should try to watch out for this, since it also does cause dental decay on the teeth that you do have, and it is something worth watching out for.

Now, the way to reduce it, is to have those that are acidic to be served with those that aren’t super acidic. For example, if you do have a glass of wine, try to have some nuts, cheese, some veggies, various whole grains, fish, and lean meats, since they are super low in acid. They actually can remineralize the teeth and guard the tooth enamel as well, since this is a way to build up the teeth that you have as well.

Of course, you should also make sure that you have some water as well. If you can’t have any of the lean foods that will help lower the acid on this, at least have some water. This will wipe away some of the acid that is there, and it will prevent dental erosion from getting any worse than it actually is.

With all of this though, the best thing that you should do is go see the dentist. That really is the best thing for it to boil down to, and it will allow you to get the checkup that you need. The best part about this, is that they will tell you early on if you’ve got dental erosion, which if you do find out very early on, you can actually reverse it with remineralizing the teeth. You can do so by seeing your dentist about this, and they will help you get the help that you need. They’ll be able to tell you about the actions that you must take, the way that you’ll be able to fix this, and how you can truly have the best smile that you can have. Acidic foods are a big part of our diet, and you should take the time to learn it.


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What’s the Difference between Metal and Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Are you having filling in your teeth that is metallic or it has the colour that is matching you teeth? Everyone has a question about the filling and they have the ambiguity about that. And that’s really a good question people have in their minds.

Before performing any filling the dentisT cleans the teeth and removes the decay. After cleaning the teeth properly the doctor fills the teeth with the filling material. Doctors try hard to do the filling that can last long from 5 years to 50 year. The point is when a filling is lasting for so many years then it is also important to have information that with which material that filling is made up of. At least a person must know that what kind of treatment he or she is having and which kind of filling they are having or going to have.

Two Types of Fillings:

Basically, there are two types of fillings that are readily available for the teeth treatment, they are silver amalgam fillings and the tooth- colored composite filling. Both the fillings have their some benefits and some drawbacks which must be kept in mind.

Silver Amalgam Fillings and their longevity

Silver Amalgam Fillings are mostly done after proper scaling of teeth. That is why they last longer than any other filling. Even you don’t have to be much careful while brushing and eating. You can brush the way you want and you can eat anything you want without feeling pain.

Easily fitted into the teeth

The silver amalgam filling can fitted into the tooth where already other filling has been done but after cleaning the tooth only then. The filling is lasting because it is done after the removal of rotten and tooth with cavity. It cleans the area and then is placed for last long. If the tooth is wet or dry in both the cases the dentist will place the silver amalgam filling.

Tooth and Amalgam fillings:

The individuals who want to have silver amalgam fillings must know that when they will opt to have this more tooth will be removed to clean the cavity to make a proper place for silver amalgam filling.

Silver Amalgam Filling and your natural teeth

Mostly people have silver amalgam filling in the molars and pre molars because silver doesn’t allow the germs to penetrate inside the teeth of gums. Obviously it is not the part of the teeth which may result in unnecessary expansion or contraction of the filling. Mostly the silver amalgam fillings never create any hazard to the health of the teeth. Sometime this filling doesn’t suits few people and they take it out with the help of constant hammering of toothpick on the tooth. That is why consulting the dentist is very important on a regular basis if one is feeling too much pain.

Some metal fillings have mercury any good reason to worry about?

You should not worry about the mercury that is present in silver amalgam filling, because mercury is usually washed away during the filling process. It is the safest filling.

Tooth coloured composite fillings:

On the other hand we can discuss the benefits of tooth coloured composite filling is kind of natural.

It looks natural:

The tooth coloured composite fillings give you a natural look the way your teeth is. Mostly this filling is used in front teeth as you need to speak and smile. The dentists do not have to crush the teeth more to have this filling. They can file the teeth and repair the damaged teeth.


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Why Drink More Water for Oral Health

Water is so important for your body because let’s face it, if you don’t have any water, you’re not going to live long. You need it to live, but what about drinking enough water. If you don’t, you’re actually going to create some major health problems. If you don’t hydrate enough, it will lead to digestive issues, along with circulatory issues, and that will cause weight gain, lethargy, and tiredness in the body. You need water, but did you know as well that water can impact your oral health as well. here is how your body will be affected by having water, and why you need to make sure that you have enough of this since it will keep your mouth healthy and fresh in the simplest of manners.

First, it will get rid of oral bacteria. If you think about it’s like when you’ve had a day getting dirty, and you take a shower, or clean off the sweat that you have on your face. You do this every single day, right? Well, did you know that our mouths are similar in nature to this analogy. If you drink water, you can flush out the sugars and acids that are in the mouth. If you let sugars and acids sit around for too long, they start to move towards one another, attracting bacteria and allowing them to sustain, which will cause gum disease and cavities as well.

Water will get rid of the leftover foods that are there in the mouth, and it will dilute the acids that are created by bacteria. Now, you need to realize that just drinking water once create a healthy mouth, for you still need to do the other oral hygiene activities, including brushing, flossing, and seeing the InvisaligN dentist on a regular. But, if you have water instead of sodas and other sugary elements, this can in turn cause the harmful levels of sugar in your mouth to reduce, which n turn will keep your gums and teeth healthy.

Along with that, it also can prevent dry mouth, along with bad breath. Have you ever had the morning breath that occurs from dry mouth? That is what happens when you don’t have enough saliva, and you wake up with your mouth continuously dry. This is what will cause bacteria to show up, and that will in turn make your breath stink. By having water as often as possible, you can reduce this in comparison to when you’re not able to, or if you can’t.

Finally, it will reduce teeth staining, such as in the case of having foods that cause your teeth to darken. Coffee, teas, berries, and even candy, can stain the teeth if you don’t take care of them after you have them. This can make them look unsightly, and remember, it’s hard to get back to a brighter color when your teeth are darkened and dulled. Stained teeth can be a bit of an eyesore, but if you drink water along with drinking and eating these types of foods, and making sure to swish it around as you do this, you can get rid of the bacteria, and this will in turn also keep your teeth white and healthy. It’s that simple, and it definitely does make a difference in the overall looks of your mouth as well.

So yes, you need water to live, and you need to drink it, for a lack of it does end up causing trouble. But on an oral health sense, it can cause so many other different issues as well, and it can be a major difference between a mouth that is healthy and has a lot of flourishing elements to it, and one that is riddled with bacteria. You should make sure that, along with brushing and flossing, you do drink enough water, for it will make a huge difference in the way that you feel, and the overall state of your oral health. Doing this will change the way your mouth is, and the way you look, and you will in turn be able to have the best oral health that you can have and the wellness you’re proud of.

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Radiation Mucositis: What it is, the Causes, Features, and Treatment

When one is looking for information on radiation mucositis, they’re often bombarded with a bunch of information that one might not understand right away. However, radiation mucositis is a very serious issue, especially for those that have had radiation treatment from a dentist, or any dentist period. This article will go over what radiation mucositis is, and all that it entails.

What it is, is it’s a side effect from various treatments for cancers in the head and neck. Essentially, it happens when the ionizing radiation and cellular damage of the basal cells occurs in the oropharynx. What this means, is that it causes ulcers, along with infection, in many patients since the mucosal lining is thinner than before. It also can cause malnutrition in patients affected with this.

If you have radiation and chemotherapy, this is compounded even more. There is even oral sensitivity seen after the radiation treatments due to this, along with other neurological syndromes. If hypersalivation or dry mouth happens, it’s often seen as one of the most common symptoms of radiation therapy, which will then lead to oral colonization by candida. In many cases, if one is using tobaccos or dentures, this can increase even more.

Typically, the lesions that are seen here are mostly caused by radiation. They usually happen about a week or two after radiation has begun, with the ulcers forming around the third or fourth week. You might see these symptoms for as long as 2-8 weeks after therapy is done, and in the case of extended radiation, the tissues along the mucosal tissues and the submucosal tissues are seen much more. The connective tissues can also be affected too.

These lesions seem to happen more and more as therapy begins, and they heal about 4-8 weeks after. Depending on how much radiation one is exposed to will determine the development of the mucositis that is seen in the body.

Mucosal tissues that surrounds any metal restorations are more affected because the radiation that is used is in contact with the metal restoration appliance that is in there, and it is known to travel. So, if there are restorations in the mouth, the primary beam will scatter much further resulting in mucosal breakdown. If one has a metal appliance in their mouth that is removable, it should be removed so that the tissue around this area is pulled away so that it decreases the radiation exposure. If you need further help, there are also some vinyl guards and some cotton rolls that you can get.

Now, for treatment there are a few things one can get. This is a very painful condition, along with one that does cause discomfort. Typical anesthetics do help, such as benzocaine orobase can be prescribed to that area as needed.

If you need systemic relief, especially for the treatment of the pain associated with the sores, you can get Acetaminophen and ibuprofen for this. You should take this about three times a day for the best results.

If you’re still struggling with this, do make sure that you see someone such as a Eugene dentist to help with this. Oral, head, and neck cancers are no fun, and for many people, this can cause major pain. Often, seeing the doctor that helped with her treatment of the cancer, whether it be the radiation and the chemotherapy, will help you with any problems that might come up as a result of this.

Another great thing to try is, according to Louis B, Harrison in his book “Head and Neck Cancer” there is evidence that shows that there is a magic mouthwash that you can use in order to help with the pain in this. This will bring the patient not only extra relief, but it will also aid the healing.

Now, to make this, you should dilute this formula, since it is pretty strong and for a mouth that is sensitive, it can cause a lot of pain and sensitivity to the person. What you put in there, is normal saline solution, NaHCO3, liquid Benadryl, and viscous Xylocaine 2% together. You should then mix it together, adding more saline to help dilute the formula if it does become too strong. Once you make it, you should then gargle with this three times a day, doing so for at least a minute or so, in order to aid in much faster healing as a result.

If you’re a smoker and you’re suffering from radiation mucositis, or you need radiation therapy period, it’s a good thing to quit smoking for at least the duration of the therapy. That’s because, if you’re smoking during, or even after the radiation therapy, this will cause further lesions to appear. You might have already had these once before, but with smoking, especially right after the radiation therapy itself, it can make the lesions grow even more so. If you can, do quit smoking before you begin radiation therapy, for it can certainly help you with your healing and recovery process.

If you do struggle with alcohol and tobacco addiction, or you don’t know how in the world to quit, there are various means to assist with this. You should go in for counseling to help with both of these if you are struggling. If you can’t find the right resources, do talk to your doctor, tell them about the situations that are befalling you, and before you begin your treatment, do find counsel in this before you start.

Radiation mucositis isn’t fun, but if it does happen, it isn’t terribly long-lasting. However, you should consult your doctor and dentist before getting radiation for any oral and neck cancers. Being able to prevent will save you a lot of headache, especially when you’re trying to prevent this from happening. If it does show up, don’t despair, just make sure you consult your doctor so you can get the ample treatment that you need.


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